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Economic Affairs (Vol 40.1)


Lifestyle Economics

A critique of paternalism


Analysing Britain's regulatory burden

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  • Introduction (page 1)

  • Hong Kong: Inevitably irrelevant to China? (pages 2-23) by Kerry Lui

  • The natural rate of interest: An estimate for the United Kingdom (pages 24-35) by Anthony J Evans

  • Does social trust promote behaviour aimed at mitigating climate change? (pages 36-49) by Nurullan Gür

  • Christian economics at the origin (pages 50-62) by Benedikt Koehler

  • Does democracy die in recessions? A descriptive analysis of aggregate demand shortfalls and regime transition (pages 63-76) by Ryan H Murphy

  • The foreign aid-foreign direct investment relatipnship in Africa: The mediating role of institutional quality and financial development (pages 77-84) by Olufemi Adewale Aluko


  • BDSM, body modification, transhumanism, and the limits of liberalism (pages 85-92) by Ben Ramanauskas

  • Harold Wincott: Defender of liberal capitalism (pages 93-99) by Geoffrey Owen

  • How trade openness can help to ‘deliver the poor and needy’ (pages 100-107) by Walker Wright

Review Article:

  • Worrying about automation and jobs (pages 108-118) by J R Shackleton

Book Reviews:

  • SUPER MAD AT EVERYTHING ALL THE TIME: POLITICAL MEDIA AND OUR NATIONAL ANGER by Alison Dagnes (pages 120-122) by Stephen Wilkinson

  • MARGARET THATCHER: THE AUTHORISED BIOGRAPHY. VOLUME THREE: HERSELF ALONE by Charles Moore, Allen Lane (pages 123-125) by Amy Horscroft

  • THE THIRD PILLAR: THE REVIVAL OF COMMUNITY IN A POLARISED WORLD by Raghuram Rajan (pahes 126-127) by John Phelan