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Economic Affairs (Vol 39.2)

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  • Introduction (page 169)

  • ‘Market failure’ arguments are a poor guide to policy (pages 170-183) by Ryan Bourne

  • The political economy of ‘ordered competition’ in European telecoms (pages 184-196) by Dmitrii Trubnikov Ekaterina Trubnikova

  • Is entrepreneurship a virtue? (pages 197-215) by Robert C B Miller

  • The Internet’s impact on trademark applications (pages 216-231) by Sena Kimm Gnangnon

  • Do health system reforms stand a chance? (pages 232-242) by Peter Zweifel

  • Why comparative advantage is a problematic guide to practical policy (pages 243-250) by Sherman Xie

  • The economics of the Books of Moses (pages 251-263) by Benedikt Koehler

  • Discussion: In defence of tax havens (pages 264-272) by Jamie Whyte

  • Review article: Populism: Three approaches to an international problem (pages 273-281) by Christian Bjørnskov

Book reviews:

  • The People’s Republic of Walmart: How the world’s biggest corporations are laying the foundation for socialism (pages 283-290) by Christopher Snowdon

  • Where Economics Went Wrong: Chicago’s abandonment of classical liberalism (pages 291-294) by Peter J Boettke

  • In Good Times Prepare for Crisis. From the Great Depression to the Great Recession: Sovereign debt crises and their resolution (pages 295-296) by Gabriel Stein

  • Fighting financial crises: Learning from the past (pages 297-299) by Alessandro Roselli

  • Hayek and the Evolution of Capitalism (pages 300-301) by Charles Amos

  • Austerity: When it works and when it doesn’t (pages 302-303) by Kent Matthews