Economic Affairs

Economic Affairs (Vol 37.2)


Labour Market

Political consensus to increase employment regulation risks undermining the economy


IEA Brexit Unit makes the case that UK divorce bill should not exceed £26 billion

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Introduction (pages 165–166) by J. R. Shackleton

Should there be freedom of dissociation? (pages 167–181) by David S. Oderberg

College Readiness: Are California Charter School Students Better Prepared? (pages 182–196) by Kerry A. Adzima

The Financing of Investment in Utility Assets (pages 197–212) by Nicos Zafiris

Lowering the Marginal Corporate Tax Rate: Why the Debate? (pages 213–228) by Nikolay Anguelov

What Marx Means Today (pages 229–239) by Hans-Werner Sinn

Judaism and Liberalism: Israel’s Economic Problem with its Haredim (pages 240–253) by David Conway

Rising House Prices and Ultra-low Interest Rates: A Recipe for a New Banking Crisis? (pages 254–270) by Andreas R. Dombret and Roman Goldbach

Pricing Political Rallies (pages 271–278) by Caleb S. Fuller and David S. Lucas

China’s Interest Rate Pass-through to Commercial Banks Before and After Interest Rate Liberalisation (pages 279–287) by Kerry Liu

Discussion: Towards a Rational System of Alcohol Taxation (pages 289–294) by Christopher Snowdon

Discussion: Why Two Per Cent on Defence is too Much (pages 295–302) by Paul Robinson

Discussion: Writing the ‘Bourgeois Era’ Trilogy: A reply to Eric Jones(pages 303–309) by Deirdre Nansen McCloskey

Review Article: Do the Virtues Matter? Ethical Thinking and Modern Economics (pages 310–328) by Martin Rhonheimer

Book Reviews (pages 330-339)

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