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Promoting economic freedom in Muslim-majority countries is key to prosperity

Monetary Policy

SMPC minutes November 2016

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Introduction (pages 237–238) by J. R. Shackleton

Incentive Effects in Higher Education: an Improved Funding Model for Universities (pages 239–257) by Peter Ainsworth, Tom McKenzie and Al Stroyny

Pollution Havens and Their Relationship to the Environmental Kuznets Curve: The Case of the us Tyre Industry (pages 258–272) by John McCollough, Miao He and Arzu Tay Bayramoglu

Behavioural Economics: A Virginia Political Economy Perspective (pages 273–281) by Steven Horwitz

The Social Costs of Innovation Policy (pages 282–293) by Sinclair Davidson and Jason Potts

Post-Cameralist Governance: Towards a Robust Political Economy of Bureaucracy (pages 294–308) by Alexander William Salter

Social Order in a Fragile State: Rio’s Favelas (pages 309–317) by Cortney S. Rodet

The Turnover-Reducing Effects of the Minimum Wage may Harm the Economy (pages 318–325) by Vincent Geloso

Interpreting Deliberative Democracy: Speech Acts, Strategic Action and Coercion (pages 326–340) by Graham Dawson

Does Australia’s Unfair Contracts Act Limit Or Enhance Contractual Freedom? (pages 341–347) by Ken Phillips

Corruption and economic resilience: recovery from the financial crisis in western economies (pages 348–355) by Paul Ormerod

Discussion: Why did the British Brexit? and What are the Implications for Classical Liberals? (pages 356–363) by Ryan Bourne

Discussion: Brexit will not be a Catastrophe if… (pages 364–368) by Pedro Schwartz

Discussion: Is the Market Failure Approach to the BBC Licence Fee Fit for Purpose? Comment (pages 369–372) by Cento Veljanovski

Discussion: Comparisons of Real GDP Over Time and Across Space: Taking the Subject Further (pages 373–378) by David Henderson

Review Article: From Pipelines to Networks: The Intellectual Disruptions of Online Platforms (pages 379–389) by Diogo G. R. Costa

Book Reviews (pages 391-401)

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