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  • Introduction (page 209) by J R Shackleton

Original Articles

  • Attitudes towards the rich in China, Japan, South Korea, and Vietnam (pages 210-224) by Rainer Zitelmann

  • Was David Hume a racist? Interpreting Hume’s infamous footnote (Part I), (pages 225-239) by Kendra Asher

  • The constitution of ambiguity: The effects of constitutions on economic freedom (pages 240-258) by Ryan H Murphy

  • Is inflation caused by deteriorating inflation expectations or excessive monetary growth? (pages 259-274) by Kent Matthews, Kian Ong

  • Whither monetarism? (pages 275-287) by Scott Sumner

  • On monetary growth and inflation in leading economies, 2021-22: Relative prices and overall price level (pages 288-306) by John Greenwood, Steve H Hanke

  • Illiberal economic institutions and racial intolerance in the United States (pages 307-326) by Walker Wright

  • Rethinking the pandemic narrative: An ordoliberal perspective (pages 327-343) by Dmitrii Trubnikov

  • Venezuela’s collapse: Exogenous shock or institutional design? (pages 344-360) by Jorge Jraissati, Keith Jakee

  • The different obligations owed to small groups, the poor – and to participants in the extended market order: Anscombe, Hayek, Hume and usury (pages 361-368) by Robert C B Miller

  • How might the United Kingdom’s debt-GDP ratio be reduced? Evidence from the last 120 years (pages 369-384) by Michael Wickens


Review Article

  • Is there a new case for reparations? (pages 395-408) by John A Tatom

Book Reviews

  • A MONETARY AND FISCAL HISTORY OF LATIN AMERICA, 1960-2017 edited by Timothy J Kehoe, Juan Pablo Nicolini (pages 409-410) by Forrest Capie

  • A DUTY OF CARE: BRITAIN BEFORE AND AFTER COVID, by Peter Hennessy (pages 411-413)

  • THE JOURNEY OF HUMANITY: THE ORIGINS OF WEALTH AND INEQUALITY by Oded Galor (pages 414-416) by John Phelan

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