The Austrian School: Market Order and Entrepreneurial Creativity


Economic Theory

An introduction to the work of the great Austrian economist

Monetary Policy

True level of the UK government's debt estimated at £4.8 trillion

A superb introduction to Austrian economics
The Austrian School is a concise but comprehensive exposition of the main tenets of the modern Austrian School of Economics. It also provides a detailed explanation of the differences between the Austrian and the neoclassical (including the Chicago School) approaches to economics. The book includes:

• reviews of the contributions of the main Austrian economists, critical analysis of the major objections to Austrian economics and an evaluation of its likely future development
• complete exposition on the concepts and implications of entrepreneurship and dynamic competition
• a new concept of dynamic efficiency (as an alternative to the standard Paretian criterion) and a generalised definition of socialism (as a systematic aggression against entrepreneurship)
• evaluation of the role of Spanish Scholastics of the 16th century as forerunners of the Austrian School, as well as the influence and contributions of the main Austrian Scholars of the 19th and 20th centuries.

This book will most notably appeal to Austrian economists but also to other free market economists as well as researchers and academics of economic methodology, the history of economic thought, institutional economics and comparative economic systems.

First published in 2008 by Edward Elgar Publishing in Association with the IEA, ISBN 978 1 847207 69 2, 144pp, PB

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