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Economic Theory

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Economic Theory

A superb introduction to Austrian economics

An introduction to the work of the great Austrian economist
Ludwig von Mises was one of the greatest economists and political scientists of the twentieth century. He revolutionised the understanding of money, inflation and recessions; comprehensively refuted the arguments for socialism; and provided a devastating critique of the methodologies of mainstream economics. His contributions to the Austrian School laid the intellectual groundwork for thinkers such as F. A. Hayek, Murray Rothbard and Israel Kirzner.

In Ludwig von Mises – A Primer , Eamonn Butler provides a comprehensive yet accessible overview of Mises’ outstanding achievements. At a time of economic crisis, this monograph makes it clear that Mises’ work is highly relevant today. Indeed, while mainstream economics has been found wanting, the latest recession appears to have been entirely consistent with his analysis. Furthermore, the poor performance of state health and education services can be explained by Mises’ Austrian theories. Nevertheless, Mises remains neglected by the economics profession, policymakers and academics. This readable primer explains why his work should be at the core of economic thinking.

2010, Occasional Paper 143, ISBN 978 0 255 36629 8, 119pp, PB

See also:

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Selected Austrian works from the IEA:

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A large number of Mises’ works are available at the Ludwig von Mises Institute’s website.

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