The Confusion of Language in Political Thought



Pricing would lead to more efficient investment and better use of existing capacity


Government crackdowns can be more harmful than the problem they seek to address

Housing and Planning

F. A. Hayek's classic pamphlet
In this short classic, Friedrich von Hayek argues that our thinking is governed by language which reflects an earlier mode of thought. Important analytical problems are in large measure obscured by the use of words which imply anthropomorphic or personalised explanations of social institutions. Serious discussion has been vitiated by the ambiguity of some of key terms, which for lack of more precise ones we have constantly to use.

This pamphlet formed part of Hayek’s groundbreaking investigations of the relations between law, legislation, and liberty.

1968, Occasional Papers, ISBN 978 0 255 69627 2, 36pp, PB
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