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Transgender ideology’s illiberalism


In the Media

Marc Glendening's research quoted by the Daily Mail

In the Media

Marc Glendening quoted by the Telegraph

Marc Glendening writes for the Express

IEA Head of Cultural Affairs Marc Glendening has written for the Express on how a commitment to transgender ideology will spawn Britain’s homegrown thought police. 

Marc wrote:

“It does not just wish to see trans people free to assert an identity different from that of their objective biological sex – something we are all currently free to do anyway – but to force the rest of society to, by law, conform our speech to that.

“In other words, Transgender Ideology is an authoritarian, anti-liberal force which seeks to suppress our right to even discuss openly the trans issue.

“Just as everyone should have the right to affirm whatever identity they so wish, so we should all equally have the capacity to state whatever our opinions are. Free speech needs to be a two way street.”

You can read the full article here. Marc’s paper was also quoted by Christian Action.