Labour Market

Trade unions should not be given a ‘free pass’

Len Shackleton writes for City AM

IEA Editorial and Research Fellow Professor Len Shackleton has written for City AM on the dangers of acquiescing to trade union demands.

Len addresses this further in a recent IEA research paper, where he proposes several measures that the government could employ to combat trade union militancy.

Commenting on the risks of granting concessions, Len warns:

“If the government or its intermediaries cave in to militant public sector unions they will add to already out-of-control government spending, make it more difficult to get inflation under control, and will stymie reforms necessary to boost the country’s abysmal productivity record.”   

“A determined government could take a leaf out of the Thatcher-Major playbook and develop a proper industrial relations strategy which planned for the future.”

“This year’s midsummer madness is already producing problems for us all on many fronts. It should not extend to giving a free pass to an already privileged part of the workforce.”