Tougher Covid border restrictions may be a “price worth paying”


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Annabel Denham writes for the Spectator

Markets and Morality

Mark Littlewood comments on "The Inequality Virus" report

Julian Jessop quoted in the Telegraph

The UK is looking to tighten it borders to combat the spread of Covid-19. Experts believe Australia’s strict model, which has helped the country maintain one of the lowest caseloads in the world, could be a source of inspiration.

Reacting to the news, Research Fellow at the IEA Julian Jessop said: “Anything that further disrupts international trade would be bad for the UK economy, but this may be another price worth paying to get on top of Covid”.

Julian argued that the impact on trade would be minimal,  suggesting it  “seems unlikely that the government would impose further restrictions on those moving goods, such as lorry drivers, than those that already exist.”

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