The government must return our liberty to all of us, “not just those who have been vaccinated”


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IEA Chairman Neil Record quoted in the Daily Express

Emma Revell writes for CapX

Emma Revell, Head of Public Affairs at the IEA, has strongly condemned   plans to exclude those who have not been vaccinated from participating in society in an article for CapX. Although domestic vaccine passports have not been condoned, foreign vaccine passports are likely to be implemented- restricting peoples freedom to travel if they have not received a vaccine.

Emma Revell argued: “The purpose here is to examine the case for government discriminating against parts of its own population based on their place on the vaccine priority list, thereby leaving the young at the mercy of NHS bureaucracy”. Those who are younger and further down the jab list will arguably miss out on regaining freedoms as quickly as older people. Emma added, “The government needs to return our liberty to all of us, not just those who have been vaccinated”.

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