The gamble of freedom day has paid off

Christopher Snowdon writes for the Telegraph

Christopher Snowdon, Head of Lifestyle Economics at the IEA, has authored a piece for the Telegraph on the benefits of the government’s decision to ease Covid restrictions during the Summer, as opposed to delaying it until the Autumn.

As Christopher points out, had reopening been postponed until later in the year, we may now be facing the issues currently seen in much of Europe.

“We shouldn’t count our chickens yet, but as restrictions come back into force across Europe, it is becoming increasingly obvious that delaying “freedom day” would have made a winter lockdown more likely, not less. While many countries are facing their first major wave of the delta variant against a backdrop of waning immunity and cold weather, England built up a wall of resistance to Covid in the mild summer and autumn months, which has now been fortified by twelve million booster shots.”

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