Red tape risks the potential benefits of lab-grown meat


In the Media

Matthew Lesh appears on talkTV

In the Media

Kristian Niemietz writes for CapX

Matthew Lesh writes in City AM

IEA Head of Public Policy Matthew Lesh has written in City AM urging policymakers to overhaul EU regulations holding back cultivated meat innovation.

Matthew wrote:

“Livestock farming is responsible for about 15 per cent of human-induced greenhouse gas emissions. It also involves substantial land use, deforestation, habitat and biodiversity loss, pesticides, and pollutants. Not to mention the mistreatment of animals in industrial processes and health and food security risks, including disease and antibiotic resistance.

“Cultivated meat is an alternative protein, produced in vitro using animal cells, that can replicate conventional meat’s sensory and nutritional profile.

“We are in the foothills of a food revolution that could significantly alleviate the environmental and animal welfare linked to livestock farming. But there’s a catch. Red tape risks delaying, if not preventing, this opportunity in the UK and EU.”

You can read the full piece here.

Matthew has also written a new paper on the benefits of cultured meat and the regulatory barriers delaying its adoption. You can read Bangers and Cash here.