Tax and Fiscal Policy

Posturing and diet leftism are at the heart of Tory economics

Mark Littlewood writes in The Mail

IEA Director General Mark Littlewood has written in The Daily Mail arguing against proposals to raise the top rate of income tax from 45p to 50p.

Mark wrote:

“we find ourselves contemplating the extraordinary possibility of a Tory government outbidding the Left on tax rises.”


Mark emphasised the virtue signalling at the heart of such a proposal, arguing:

“The Government ought to know very well that it is untrue to claim our burgeoning public expenditure can be funded by an assault on the 1.4 per cent of earners who breach the 45p threshold. So we can only assume that Downing Street advisers think a punitive 50p tax rate would play well at the polls — and put them in a position to rebuff claims that Rishi Sunak, himself extraordinarily wealthy, is in politics only to help ‘his rich friends in the City’, as the Left is so fond of claiming.”


The full article can be read here.