Parents should decide if their children should be vaccinated



Dr Kristian Niemietz writes a letter to the Editor of The Times

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Annabel Denham writes for City AM

Annabel Denham writes for The Spectator

Children over the age of 12  will now be offered the Covid vaccine to help protect the population against new strains of the virus. Despite many welcoming the move, some have argued that because Covid has not posed a significant threat to the health of younger people and children, there is no need for the government to offer this age group a Covid jab.

Annabel Denham, IEA Director of Communications, argued in an op-ed for The Spectator that parents should decide whether their children should be vaccinated against Covid.

Annabel  Said: “The point isn’t that we must jab 12-15 year olds, but rather that the outrage against extending it to younger age groups is both superficial and misguided. The decision should lie with parents, and it is baffling that some vocal proponents of personal autonomy are trying to strip them of it by insisting the benevolent state make the choice on their behalf“.

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