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‘No-fault eviction’ ban will worsen the housing crisis



Julian Jessop quoted in Scottish Financial Review

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Julian Jessop quoted in The i

Reem Ibrahim writes for CapX

IEA Communications Officer Reem Ibrahim has been written for CapX criticising the government’s plans to ban so-called ‘no-fault’ evictions.

Reem wrote:

“Making it more difficult to [evict tenants] will predictably discourage landlords from renting out their properties altogether. For those that continue to, it would make sense to be more selective about who they allow to rent their property.

“This would then incentivise discrimination against riskier tenants – young people, migrants, and those with less financial security. The rental market would be systematically geared towards older tenants with stable incomes or those who can count on help from Mum and Dad. This is the exact opposite of what the Government intends to achieve.

“Declaring war on landlords and scapegoating them for years of failed housing policy will inevitably result in many choosing to sell up altogether. Populist policies like this only serve to distract from the issue at the heart of this debate – that we need to build more homes.”

Read Reem’s full piece here.