NHS staff have done a “great job” on vaccine roll out but more must be done


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Professor Len Shackleton's comments quoted on BBC News homepage

In the Media

Julian Jessop quoted in the Telegraph

Christopher Snowdon quoted in the Mail Online

The number of people getting a Covid jab fell for the third day in a row on Monday when 204,000 were vaccinated, compared to 324,000 on Friday.  Pressure is increasing on the NHS to run a 24/7 service after the poor inoculation figures put a quick exit from pandemic restrictions into doubt.

Christopher Snowdon, Head of Lifestyle Economics at the Institute for Economic Affairs, said NHS staff needed to be congratulated on the ‘great job’ they’ve done with the vaccine. But he added: ‘The NHS is bit of a five day week service in many ways and if it comes down to staffing then we need to put more money into it. If you give people strong financial incentives it makes people want to work seven days a week.’

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