Lockdown sceptics will be crucial in the fight to regain freedom


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IEA responds to NAO report on the BBC licence fee

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Professor Philip Booth quoted in the Daily Express

Victoria Hewson writes in the Critic

Many lockdown sceptics have been tarnished as conspiratorial  and dismissed as alarmists. Despite this, there remains a legitimate core of sceptics who question the efficacy of lockdown measures and are concerned about the unprecedented infringement on our civil liberties. IEA Head of Regulatory Affairs Victoria Hewson argues that these lockdown sceptics will play a vital role in the fight to regain freedom.

Victoria suggests that many of the government’s measures have been acted with  “minimal parliamentary scrutiny” and  have incurred an “incalculable cost to mental health and wellbeing, and to democratic norms and civil liberties”. With the media failing to hold lockdown measures to account, “people who want unevidenced lockdowns to end need to make common cause to fight for this”.

Read Victoria Hewson’s full article here.