It’s time to denounce XR as the “embryonic fascistic political movement” it is


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Christopher Snowdon quoted in The Spirits Business Magazine


Dr Stephen Davies writes for The Telegraph

Extinction Rebellion are yet again bringing disruption to the streets of London. Marc Glendening, Head of Cultural Affairs at free market think tank the Institute of Economic Affairs, said:

“For too long this anti-liberal and post-rationalist organisation has been treated with kid gloves, not just by Cressida Dick and the Metropolitan Police, but also by the political class and the media.

“It is time the XR leadership are denounced for creating what is essentially an embryonic fascistic political movement.

“The leaders openly talk about wanting to see liberal democracy replaced by a ‘citizen’s assembly’, engage in mass coercive action that has no democratic mandate whatsoever and have awarded themselves the mandate to physically stop us reading the newspapers we may wish to access.

“XR, like fascist movements of the past, denounce the market economy but are very vague as to what exactly should replace it. They are an essentially nihilistic force.

“XR, like other constituent parts of the new ultra-left coalition, celebrate an anti-western and anti-rationalist agenda based upon closing down the productive economy and the free expression of a plurality of viewpoints.”

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