Industrial Strategy Still Doesn’t Work


In the Media

IEA Research referenced in The Telegraph

In the Media

Julian Jessop quoted in The Telegraph

Harrison Griffiths referenced in CapX

An IEA Blog piece critiquing modern arguments for industrial strategy across the political spectrum, by Communications Manager Harrison Griffiths, has been referenced in CapX.

The piece said:

“For those who believe in free markets, the warning lights should already be flashing. A recent blogpost at the Institute of Economic Affairs laid bare the fallacy of the state’s ability to plan accurately and predict the industries of the future. While international comparisons can point to ‘successful’ industrial strategies in Asia, there is growing evidence to rebut this, highlighting that industrial strategies can make nations reliant on a foreign power for trade and concentrate economies, leaving them vulnerable to shocks – important considerations in today’s more volatile world.”

Read the full article here.

Read Harrison’s What the communitarian Right gets wrong about industrial policy on the IEA Blog.

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