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High pay does not justify state intrusion in private businesses


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Matthew Lesh quoted in the Daily Mail

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Victoria Hewson responds to The Times

Professor Len Shackleton writes for The Express

Professor Len Shackleton, IEA Editorial and Research Fellow, has written for The Express on the pay of FTSE-100 chief executives and the potential consequences of the government imposing restrictions on CEO pay.

He notes:

“Although CEO pay, and the ratio to that of the median workers, have unsurprisingly risen since lockdown, they are considerably below the levels of five years ago.

“Imposing restrictions on CEO pay, or imposing trade union representatives on remuneration committees (as the HPC wishes) or on company boards (as the TUC wishes) would make working, investing and company listing in the UK far less attractive.

“Germany, for example, has many of the controls which the TUC is looking for, such as worker representatives on boards, but CEO pay is comparable to that in the UK.”

Read his article here.