DMCC bill is a tech turn-off


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Julian Jessop quoted in WIREDGOV, the Times, and the Financial Times

Dirk Auer writes for Conservative Home

Dirk Auer, Director of Competition Policy at the International Center for Law and Economics and co-author of Digital Overload, has written for Conservative Home warning that the government’s new digital competition proposals risk undermining the UK’s tech sector.

The article read:

“The DMCC would give the CMA extremely broad powers without the usual substantive guardrails or procedural checks and balances, granting the agency nearly unfettered discretion to reshape digital markets according to its idiosyncratic preferences.

“This cumbersome regulation will undermine investment in the UK digital sector, and associated innovation. The UK’s position as a ‘science and technology superpower’ will thus be undermined.”

Read the full article here.

You can read a copy of ‘Digital Overload: How the Digital Markets, Competition and Consumers Bill’s sweeping new powers threaten Britain’s economy’, by Dirk Auer, Matthew Lesh, and Lazar Radic, here

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