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CPTPP agreement seizes vital Brexit opportunities


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Shanker Singham quoted in Greek and French media


Jamie Whyte writes in The Express

Shanker Singham quoted in The Sun and The Mail

IEA International Trade and Competition Fellow Shanker Singham has been quoted in The Sun and The Daily Mail welcoming reports of the UK’s agreement to join the CPTPP.

Shanker was quoted in The Sun:

“For the first time, a major G7 country has chosen to accede to a regional grouping not because it is part of that region but because it represents liberal values and provides economic opportunities.”

The Mail added:

“If the UK succeeds in acceding to the CPTPP, it becomes much more than just a regional agreement; it becomes a real challenge to the outdated World Trade Organisation system and could encourage that system to embrace reform.

“CPTPP+UK has the equivalent economic weight to the EU-28-UK.”

Read The Sun article here and The Mail’s piece here.