Concerns over repealing EU law ‘overblown’, says IEA policy expert

Matthew Lesh writes in CapX

IEA Head of Public Policy Matthew Lesh has argued in CapX that the government’s Retained EU Law Bill is necessary to take full advantage of Brexit.

Matthew wrote:

“[Pro-EU campaigners] were comfortable with thousands of EU rules and court judgements being incorporated into UK law without domestic debate or parliamentary oversight, over many decades. With breathtaking hypocrisy, they now screech about the ‘end of democracy’ because rules that were foisted on Britain are being removed.

“The Retained EU Law Bill ends the supremacy of EU law over UK law, nullifies the general principles of EU law in UK law (including the precautionary principle), and gives UK courts greater freedom to depart from retained EU case law. 

“It does not, however, mean that the Government is about to abolish workers’ rights, environmental protection or health and safety (even if, in many ways, they should diverge more radically). The Government has shown no interest in, for example, liberalising onerous labour regulation. There is no guarantee that the UK will diverge on any particular issue, and to suggest otherwise is political scaremongering.”

The full article can be read here.