1 thought on “CMA order for Meta to sell Giphy could undermine digital trade and innovation, says IEA regulation expert”

  1. Posted 01/12/2021 at 13:33 | Permalink

    I’ve worked in technology since the late 1980s when IBM was a badly behaved defacto monopolist, which caused immense harm to both competitors and end-users in the industry, using lock-in to the proprietary IBM ecosystem to suppress demand for innovative products from competitors.

    Over the years there have been a succession of companies that have that de-facto monopoly power, and it is often abused once opportunities for a company’s organic growth have been exhausted.

    Given the current defacto monopoly position that Meta holds, and especially bearing its history of playing fast & loose with privacy, in this case the CMA is correct to prevent further dominance of this market by Meta.

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