Climate Change Committee is “acting like an activist NGO”, says IEA expert



IEA research referenced in The Spectator

Commenting on the UK Climate Change Committee’s report on the outcome of COP26, Victoria Hewson, Head of Regulatory Affairs at free market think tank the Institute of Economic Affairs, said:“As usual the CCC is acting like an activist NGO, rather than providing balanced and independent advice.

“There are good economic reasons for equalising VAT rates on energy bills but there is nothing in this report to show that the Committee has considered the costs and burdens of its recommendations, where they will fall, and how they will be outweighed by the benefits it foresees.

“This post-COP report shows once again that there is no limit to the policy areas that it seeks to influence, as it pronounces on everything from what we should eat to the foreign aid budget.

“The Committee – and its advice – should be subject to greater scrutiny, not treated as an irreproachable voice of reason with limitless expertise.”


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