Charity Commission withdraws Official Warning issued to the Institute of Economic Affairs


Press Release

IEA responds to leadership candidate's pledge to review effectiveness of 'sin taxes'

A response from IEA Chairman Neil Record

The Official Warning issued to the Institute of Economic Affairs on 5th February 2019 has been withdrawn by the Charity Commission, with immediate effect.

The Warning was issued earlier this year for the IEA’s publication and launch of a trade paper, Plan A+.

Yesterday the Warning was withdrawn, and the Charity Commission has made an undertaking to remove the Warning from its website.

Commenting on this update, Chairman of the IEA’s Board of Trustees Neil Record said:

“The Institute of Economic Affairs is delighted that the Charity Commission has decided to withdraw the Official Warning with immediate effect.

“I am greatly looking forward to working with the Charity Commission in the months and years ahead.”

Notes to editors:

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The IEA’s initial response, when the Official Warning was issued, can be found here.

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