The Future of Financial Services Post-Brexit

Today we’re joined by the IEA’s Research Director Dr Jamie Whyte, and Catherine McBride, Senior Economist in the IEA’s International Trade and Competition Unit, who analyse the future of Britain’s financial services post-Brexit.

Interviewed by the IEA’s Digital Officer Madeline Grant, the pair discuss to what extent Brexit will actually affect the vibrancy of Britain’s financial services, and what opportunities lie outside of European Union for the finance industries.

Catherine and Jamie give particular focus to the fear-mongering, perpetuated by certain camps, around the future of financial services, arguing that the EU’s regulatory fixations have held the City of London back for years, and made it significantly harder for genuine competitors to enter the market.

They also discuss a host of specific regulations, including MiFID II, which the UK can address once it’s left the European Union.

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