Economics 101.


Economics 101 has landed! The first in a two-part series, providing 33 films in total, will cover everything from basic economic theory to important historical case studies; guaranteeing viewers will receive a comprehensive understanding of the fundamentals of economics.

These videos will be posted on the IEA’s YouTube channel free of charge, thanks to a generous donation from The Monnery Trust. Thousands of pupils and students across the world are not currently receiving face-to-face learning or receiving learning materials due to government responses to the Coronavirus. It is important that they be given unlimited access to these useful educational resources.

1. What is Scarcity?

2. What is Opportunity Cost?

3. What are Trade Offs?

4. What are Incentives?

5. What is Marginal Choice?

6. The Knowledge Challenge

7. What is Spontaneous Order?

8. What is the Price Mechanism?

9. The Importance of Entrepreneurship

10. What are Transaction Costs?

11. What is Economic Growth?

12. The Cost of Knowledge

13. What are Diminishing Marginal Returns?

14. Stated vs Revealed Preferences

15. What is Rational Choice?

16. What is Equilibrium?

17. What is Market Failure?

18. What is Methodological Individualism?