EA Magazine Issue 9 (Spring 2017).

EA Magazine Issue 9

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Individual Articles from Issue 9

Cover Story: Can behavioural economics really justify government intervention? – Christopher and Rachel Coyne. Read here

The Napkin That Changed the World – Philip Booth on the impact of tax rates on the economy, and the origins of the Laffer Curve. Read here.

Bonfire of the Inanities – Rory Meakin proposes radical tax reform in the UK. Read here.

Just how austere is austerity? – Ryan Bourne questions the true extent of government spending cuts. Read here.

Does lowering tax rates cause economic growth? – Lucy Minford assesses the evidence. Read here.

Straight talking on the Laffer Curve – Art Laffer explains his world-famous theory. Read here.

Cuckoo in the Nest – David B. Smith delineates the huge historical growth in government spending. Read here.

Poor thinking from Oxfam – Philip Booth and Ben Southwood challenge the charity’s claims on inequality. Read here.

Employment Regulation – Who pays for the price for employment regulation in the UK? Len Shackleton investigates. Read here.

Why rent controls won’t work – Kristian Niemietz contends that rent controls aren’t the answer to the UK’s housing crisis. Read here.

Campus – Your chance to catch up on our conferences and investigate intern opportunities in the latest student news from the IEA. Read here.

City View – Tim Congdon explains why influential economists got it wrong when they predicted a 2016 slump. Read here.

Briefing – Bite size summaries of essential reading from around the globe. Read here.

Idealog – The best of the IEA blog. Read here.

Reviewed and Revisited – Essential and recommended reading, both old and new. Read here.

Soundbite – Sharp and succinct views on the hidden cost of healthy lifestyles, the effects of industrial policy and more. Read here.