EA Magazine Issue 7 (Spring 2016).

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Articles from our most recent EA:

From the Editor – Philip Booth – Read here

Interview: Unequal but Prosperous – Deidre McCloskey – Read here

Rebuttal: Is the NHS Underfunded? – Kristian Niemietz – Read here

Fads & Fallacies: Regulation and the public interest – Christopher J. Coyne and Rachel L. Coyne – Read here

Cover Story: Tomorrow 3.0 – Michael Munger – Read here

Viewpoint: The Economic Case for Migration – Jonathan Portes – Read here

Insights: Economics and Prisons – Vicky Pryce and David Skarbeck – Read here

Precis: Breaking up is Hard to Do – Len Shackleton- Read here

Perspective: Fast Food… Slow Results – Daniel Aaronson, Eric French and Isaac Sorkin – Read here

Foundations: A Better Picture – Steve Davies – Read here

Briefing – Read here

City View: Money Matters – Tim Congdon – Read here

Idealog: Best of the IEA Blog – Philip Booth, Kristian Niemietz and Len Shackleton – Read here

Reviewed and Revisited: In Defence of Deflation (Philipp Bagus) and A Monetary History of the United States 1867-1960 (Milton Friedman and Anna Jacobson Schwartz – Read here

Soundbites: Profit Schools, A Social Market Economy, Local Currencies – Gabriel Heller Sahlgren, Razeem Sally, Christopher Snowdon – Read here