EA Magazine Issue 14 (Autumn 2019).

EA Magazine Issue 14

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Individual articles from issue 14.

Are CEOs paid too much? Professor Len Shackleton explores the debate on high pay. Read here.

Why the gloomy face? Matt Ridley, acclaimed author of The Rational Optimist, on why people tend to be irrationally pessimistic. Read here.

School of thought. Award-winning author Dr Eamonn Butler gives us a glimpse of his latest book, which profiles the lives and ideas of some of the leading thinkers on individual liberty – from ancient times to the present day. Read here.

Whose idea is it anyway? – Intellectual Property (IP) is a controversial topic in today’s knowledge-based society Overleaf IEA staffers Chris Snowdon and Dr Steve Davies go head-to-head on the importance – or otherwise. Read here.

Getting top marks in your A-level economics essay – an updated and expanded guide to getting that coveted A*. Read here.

The China Syndrome – China’s membership of the World Trade Organization (WTO) has helped drive huge expansion of trade for Beijing – but it hasn’t brought about the domestic freedoms the West believed would follow. Read here.

Don’t look back in anger – Professor Len Shackleton on the folly of rewriting history. Read here.

The cloud on Singapore’s horizon – . Read here.

Stat attack – Professor Len Shackleton on the dangers of drawing the wrong conclusions. Read here.

Thinking Outside the Box – Dr Steve Davies casts an economist’s eye on freedom of thought. Read here.

Why is capitalism a dirty word? – And when did socialism become so popular – particularly amongst young people? Read here.

Crate expectations – Felix Hathaway assesses the importance of free trade agreements. Read here.

Universal Thinking – Christopher Snowdon on two very different interpretations of Universal Basic Income. Read here.

Shakin’ the system – Kate Andrews on proposals to tax milkshakes. Read here.