EA Magazine Issue 13 (Spring 2019).

EA Magazine Issue 13

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Individual articles from issue 13.

Cover story: The Economics of Dating – Madeline Grant looks at the mating game – and concludes it’s all about the numbers. Read here.

Hidden A-Gender – If women are cheaper to hire than men, why don’t businesses just hire women? Steven Landsburg casts an economist’s eye on the gender pay gap. Read here.

Desireable or Damned – Can the renationalisation of key utilities – such as the water industry – ever work, asks Professor Len Shackleton. Read here.

From Good Buy to Goodbye – Kate Andrews on the challenges facing Britain’s high streets. Read here.

Growth Industry – Sam Collins looks at the impact of legalising marijuana in some American states – and assesses the effect of regulation on this fast-growing industry. Read here.

Is Happiness All That Matters? – Jamie Whyte contemplates happiness and the cult of ‘Wangchuckism’. Read here.

Keying into Capitalism – To some, capitalism is a dirty word. But Eamonn Butler begs to differ. In this summary of his latest IEA book, Eamonn explains what capitalism is, assesses its achievements and its weaknesses, and demonstrates how it has brought billions of people out of abject poverty. Read here.

Raising the Roof – What’s the best ‘free-market breakthrough policy’ to solve the UK’s housing crisis?
that’s the question we posed for our second annual Richard Koch Breakthrough Prize the competition – carrying a first prize of £50,000 – attracted over 330 entries from around the world, from students, academics, think tanks, journalists and more the winners were announced at a glittering ceremony in central London in October and the best of the Breakthrough Prize entries will feature in a forthcoming IEA book raising the roof here we highlight the two main winning entries. Read here.

The Ascent of Dissent – Dr Steve Davies assesses expression and its costs. Read here.

Trifling with our Freedom – Charles Amos tucks into a proposed ‘pudding tax’. Read here.

Unlocking Britain’s housing crisis – Dr Kristian Niemietz on unlocking Britain’s housing crisis. Read here.

Value Judgement – Jamie Whyte critiques a new book which contends that many people have become rich by extracting value – rather than creating it. Read here.

What’s good for the goose – Christopher Snowdon takes a gander at tax revenues and the Laffer Curve. Read here.

Zero or Hero? – Christopher Snowdon on zero-hours contracts. Read here.