EA Magazine Issue 12 (Autumn 2018).

EA Magazine Issue 12

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Individual articles from issue 12. 

Cover story: How many lightbulbs does it take to change the world? – Acclaimed author Matt Ridley provides a sneak peek of his upcoming IEA lecture – on the importance of innovation, and how and why it happens. Read here.

Public Choice? – Eamonn Butler explains how economic tools can be used to analyse political decisions. Read here.

The real cost of Rent Seeking – Michael Munger reveals the hidden costs of pursuing ‘free money’. Read here.

Shell Shock – Never heard of the Nirvana Fallacy? Steve Davies explains its malign influence on public debate. Read here.

Danger: Sanctions – Countries should think twice before imposing economic sanctions, says Nima Sanandaji. Read here.

Off the Rails – Government intervention has put Britain’s trains on the wrong track, says Richard Wellings. Read here.

Campus – Interested in interning? Here’s the place to look!

Idealog – The backdoor tax on Britain’s gig-goers, and a head-to-head debate on Brexit options – in the best of the IEA blog. Read here.

Level headed? – Christopher Snowdon critiques a new book on inequality. Read here.

From Black Wednesday to Brexit – Sixth former Allison Chia examines a behind-the-scenes account of a political crisis and economic shocks – and assesses the lessons we can learn. Read here.

The Hidden Truth Behind Statistics – In the first of a series of articles for EA, US author Steve Landsburg says statistics aren’t always what they seem. Read here.

Soundbite – Consumer power, the colossal cost of universal basic income – and cereal killers on the prowl… Read here.