EA Magazine Issue 11 (Spring 2018).

EA Magazine Issue 11

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Individual articles from issue 11. 

Cover story: Will AI take your job? – Artificial Intelligence: Will it create mass unemployment – or massive opportunities? Ryan Khurana glimpses into the future. Read here.

Don’t Forget the Small Stuff – Best-selling author Tim Harford on his new book – and the little things that mean a lot. Read here.

Language Barrier – Kristian Niemietz says different languages are barriers to understanding – and trade. Read here.

Idealog – The NHS, Oxfam and busybody bureaucrats under scrutiny in the best of the IEA blog. Read here.

Safety Margin – Politicians should step away from health and safety regulation, says Jamie Whyte. Read here.

Hard to Swallow – Christopher Snowdon questions the wisdom – and effectiveness – of taxing sugary drinks. Read here.

Power steering – It’s time to take the brakes off taxi drivers, says Diego Zuluaga. Read here.

Foundations – Steve Davies turns the spotlight on David Ricardo, the brilliant – but little-read – economist. Read here.

Campus – An essential exams guide, win tickets to our upcoming THINK conference – and much more! Read here.

What Justice Means – Mark Littlewood highlights a seminal work that sheds much light on the income inequality debate. Read here.

Trade as a Weapon – Pieter Cleppe on a new book which examines the way politicians use trade to influence foreign policy. Read here.

Should banks take more risks? – Small companies – and the UK economy – have suffered since banks tightened their lending, says Tim Congdon. Read here.

Soundbite – Ticket touts, the perks of part-time work, and why we shouldn’t fear the future… Read here.