EA Magazine Issue 10 (Autumn 2017).

EA Magazine Issue 10

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Individual Articles from Issue 9

Cover story: World of Progress – Chelsea Follett on the rapid decline in global poverty – and how it could soon be consigned to the history books. Read here.

Rewriting History – Kristian Niemietz explores socialism’s enduring popularity – despite its unanimous record of failure. Read here.

In Praise of Naked Trade – Dr Jamie Whyte on why Britain should scrap all import tariffs. Read here.

Does protectionism work? – Christopher and Rachel Coyne argue that protectionism is a surefire recipe for economic stagnation. Read here.

Is free trade under threat? – Razeen Sally says US leadership is essential for a stable and open world economy. Read here.

The Friedman Factor – An economics giant – and the quantity theory of money. Read here.

Brexit, staged right – One of the UK’s leading economists on Britain’s trading prospects post-Brexit. Read here.

Campus – Your chance to catch up on our conferences and investigate intern opportunities in the latest student news from the IEA. Read here.

Ford Focus – Author Nima Sanandaji gives a sneak peek of his new book, which shows how healthcare experts in the East drew inspiration from car manufacturers to boost quality and drive down costs. Read here.

Getting to the (non-decimal) point – Forget the number-crunching – economists should paint the big picture, says Philip Booth. Read here.

Briefing – Bite size summaries of essential reading from around the globe. Read here.

Reviewed & revisited – Recommended reading old and new…including a classic from Adam Smith. Read here.

Insight – Can you bank on the Bank of England? Andrew Lilico questions the BoE’s credibility. Read here.

Idealog – The tax burden, the gender pay gap and more in the best of the IEA blog. Read here.

Soundbite – Intriguing and incisive views on the gig economy, minimum alcohol pricing – and much more. Read here.