EA Magazine Issue 1 (Summer 2013).

This first edition of EA tackles the issue of the minimum wage and its damaging impact on employment, questions traditional thinking on child poverty and examines the interface between the Islamic faith and free markets, plus much, much more.

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Hung up on red tape – Graeme Leach. Read the article here.

Briefing – recommended essential reading. Read the article here.

The hard facts about hard money – Tim Congdon. Read the article here.

The wage flaw… why minimum pay isn’t working – W. S. Siebert. Read the article here.

Fads and fallacies: Debunking the notion government can make us happy – Christopher J. Coyne and Rachel L. Coyne. Read the article here.

Idealog: The best of the IEA blog – Steve Davies, Philip Booth, Prof Stephen Littlechild. Read the articles here.

Driven to distraction: How bad economic thinking leads to bad taxes – Richard Wellings. Read the article here.

Islam and free markets: Can they co-exist? – Benedikt Koehler. Read the article here.

It’s time to turn over a new leaf – Mark Littlewood on the economic future for young people. Read the article here.

Why a war on markets is no substitute for a war on poverty – Kristian Niemietz. Read the article here.

The poverty industry trap – Kristian Niemietz scrutinises traditional ‘poverty industry’ thinking. Read the article here.

Soundbites – James Stanfield on education, Chris Snowdon on minimum alcohol pricing and Dr Roger Bate on free trade and capitalism. Read the articles here.

Book Reviews. Read here.