4 thoughts on “Britain’s housing crisis is uniquely severe – but it is solvable”

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    What might you be writing in 50 years time? Build yet more houses? I can’t remember ever reading, in this type of article, any mention of a maximum number of people which can comfortably inhabit this country, or what we should do as we approach this number, currently at the rate of 500,000 people a year, or 250,000 new houses. What the number is, is a matter of opinion, but there is one, and eventually you will need to address the question.

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    If housing (land) is expensive, then why not use it as tax revenues? This allows for the reduction/emanation of taxes on beneficial activities, thus optimising the economy for growth. It also solves affordability issues, instantly and permanently, because it drops land’s selling price to zero by transferring incomes back to those that find housing unaffordable now.

    If we allow one group in society the privilege of harming another with paying them compensation, that’s bad for society and its economy. Blaming planning for the symptoms this causes is either misinformed or dishonest.

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    What we really need is the intensive re-generation of Town Centres, where many people need and want to live but cannot. You do not need cars if you live in town centres, you are less likely to become socially isolated and services are more readily available. London has done a great deal to regenerate its older housing stock and people find the properties more than acceptable and leading to social harmony. Building houses in ribbons adjacent to roads on the edge of town mean urban sprawl, congestion from more car journeys and problems for everyone. I know. I made the mistake of renting on an estate in a village with one bus an hour and very little in the way of services: and NO mobile phone connection! Which has big add-on problems. As I am renting I am fortunate. I can move back into town and shop, have meet ups with my friends, perhaps even go to the cinema occasionally ? Regenerate, do not build the slums of tomorrow.

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    As ever, Tylecote’s “solutions” will benefit only the wealthy; if his plans are implemented they may increase supply of homes for the wealthy. It’s impossible for Tylecote to propose solutions that challenge the insanity of the housing market because, even if, by some miracle of independent thought, he attempted some challenge, he will be prevented by his paymasters.

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