3 thoughts on “Is the capitalist pot calling the socialist kettle black?”

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    “Socialism needs the thrill of the novel, the excitement of smashing things up, the buzz of overthrowing an established order and starting from scratch again.”

    True although it’s not only socialists who think like this. Plenty of those on the political right are also seeking “excitement, novelty and an adrenaline rush from political ideas”.

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    This seems particularly reductionist and as if you are avoiding discussing what capitalism has become, and how this post captialism best serves a societies when including socialist principles and policies. The avoidance of a nuanced understanding seems quite a prominent and preferred angle of your writing.

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    There is no attempt at balance here, for example, the successful Scandinavian countries are ignored and the impression of Singapore as capitalist is very misleading for the Singaporean government owns more capital than any other developed country in the world after Norway.
    Such blogs are completely inappropriate for a ‘charity’

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