1 thought on “Do we need a welfare state at all?”

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    Caroline, I believe that the aim of Universal Credit is to change the mindset of people from an early age. Unless people know that not working is not an option when you are able bodied then nothing will ever change. That is why we cannot make it comfortable for people to choose not to work when they can. They need to know that wasting their years in education will not end in a positive result. Yes State Education needs to be tackled and removed from state control, I know that, so that all children get a good education.
    Unless we start to make drastic changes Taxpayers in this Nation will still be robbed by the State to fund people who choose not to contribute and be take responsibility for their life. I do not accept that I am Forced to take responsibility for people who will not, and will never will, contribute to their own survival. Welfare used to be a safety net, now it is a trampoline that people choose to play with. There are people dying because we cannot care for them, people who have contributed all their life, it is time we shone a light on people who choose not to contribute and choose to consume rather than be responsible.
    Changes need to move faster and I do not sense that in your article, if not we will become the new Africa taxed into a life of crime and even less belief that we will ever have individual sovereignty.

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