Economic Theory
In my recent paper, entitled How Governments Harm Trade, I explain why in most cases the free market works best when governments do not interfere in the prices society engenders by the laws of supply and demand. Those prices, I will argue, reflect human choices played out on a day to day basis, and are ... Continue reading
Labour Market
Regular readers of economics will know that despite common myths to the contrary, the reality is there isn't much of an unfair pay gap between genders. As the economy has become more service-based, coupled with increased technology that make domestic work less time-consuming, and ‘women's lib’, the wage gap that used to exist has narrowed ... Continue reading
There used to be a cap to ensure universities had a limited number of students achieving grades AAB or higher at A-level. When the cap was lifted a few years ago, some higher education commentators were concerned that this would lead to the creation of an elite English “Ivy League”, reflective of the American higher ... Continue reading