3 thoughts on “The ‘gender pay gap’ is a non-issue”

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    Interesting angle. There is also a lot of evidence now that pay, both for men and women, is influenced by perceived attractiveness.
    Today’s announcement that there is to be a published ‘league table’ of firms’ gender pay gaps is terrible news, but sadly typical of this hare-brained government with its sound-bite fixation.
    These figures (a) will not mean what people think they mean (ie discrimination), but will reflect all sorts of extraneous factors (b) will encourage firms to manipulate them in ways which may often penalise women (such as outsourcing low-paid work).
    But it’s almost pointless to argue against this self-righteous virtue-signalling.

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    All of which stops at a certain point of understanding. All of this near-parity is very well in the tertiary sectors over which “pay gap” obsessives pore, but factoring in what kind of work people do for their money, the world of work favours women massively. Take earnings per hour per unit of effort and the pay gap favours women a little. Factor in risk, danger and hazards and it grows markedly: 94% of workplace deaths, related suicides and injuries affect men. Factor in how much women spend (90% more than they earn, compared to men’s 40% of what they earn, on average) and the taxation gap (men pay 72 of it in total and disproportionately more anyway) and what women take in state benefits and this issue becomes a foul joke. There is no “sexism against women.” It simply cannot exist and never has.

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    There is another possible explanation.

    The higher earners may have become higher earners because they have been more willing to prioritise their careers over their health by working longer hours, travelling further to work, etc. to the detriment of their ability to adopt a healthy lifestyle and thus maintain a healthy weight (exercise, cooking proper meals rather than ready-made, etc.).

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