The Benefits of Tax Competition


Energy and Environment

As the government appears ready to go nuclear, Colin Robinson and Eileen Marshall urge caution

Economic Theory

This new catalogue details the IEA publications to be released in 2006 and 2007. It also includes comprehensive information on recently published work and a complete list of our publications in print.

Housing and Planning

Richard Teather sets out the enormous benefits that flow from tax competition.
Most governments have laws to prevent cartels and ensure competition, but most governments do not apply the logic of competition policy to their own activities. This book sets out the benefits that follow when governments promote tax competition.

The book begins with a primer on international taxation and then shows why the arguments used by government to justify the prevention of tax competition are fallacious. The book demonstrates the enormous benefits that come from tax competition and outlines the current threats to tax competition from the EU and the OECD.

This monograph is an essential read for all with an interest in tax policy as well as for anybody who is concerned about cartels of powerful governments undermining economic freedom and prosperity through the use of anti-competitive tax policies.

2005, Hobart Papers 153, ISBN 0 255 36569 1, 167pp, PB

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