The Poverty of Development Economics


Government and Institutions
Economic Theory

A collection of short journal columns which refute some common economic fallacies.

The latest edition of this classic text in development economics.
In this revised and expanded version of a classic IEA text, first published in 1983, but revised and expanded in 1997, Professor Lal provides a robust critique of the statist model of development which denigrates both trade and open markets. He concludes that the demise of this dogma would be beneficial to the health of both the economics and the economies of developing countries.

The history of the last twenty years has demonstrated the force of the Lal critique. The dogma in its old form has gone, as Professor Lal shows in a postscript that brings the original text up to date both in terms of statistics and in terms of the history of ideas. Nevertheless, as he warns, dirigiste tendencies have not disappeared, but are emerging in new guises.

2002, Hobart Papers 144, ISBN 0 255 36519 5, 263pp, PB

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