Fifty Economic Fallacies Exposed



The latest edition of this classic text in development economics.


A comprehensive analysis of the failings of Inheritance Tax

A collection of short journal columns which refute some common economic fallacies.
Since 1988, Professor Geoffrey Wood of the Sir John Cass Business School, has written a regular column in the IEA’s journal, Economic Affairs , in which he exposes popular economic fallacies. Fifty Economic Fallacies Exposed collects fifty of these columns and exposes numerous common fallacies.

These lucid and stimulating columns are invaluable to students struggling to master some of the complexities of economic theory and its applications, who often find the most effective way to learn economic analysis is to see such fallacies exposed. It is a text particularly suitable for first year economics students, complementing existing textbooks as it does, and clarifying basic concepts in economics while demonstrating the practical uses of economic theory.


1 Regulation and Markets
2 International Trade
3 International Finance
4 Inflation
5 Fiscal Policy: Taxation
6 Fiscal Policy: Government Spending
7 Monetary Policy: Theory
8 Monetaray Policy: Practice
9 Cost, Price and Value
10 Labour Markets

2000, Occasional Papers 102, ISBN 0 255 36407 5, 111pp, PB

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