The Awful Truth About Sweden (web publication)


Economic Theory

Has the Green Movement really won the climate change argument? Energy shortages will influence us more than climate catastrophe (or the Greens), argues Richard D North

Energy and Environment

As the government appears ready to go nuclear, Colin Robinson and Eileen Marshall urge caution

Is contemporary Sweden really the most successful society the world has ever known?
Commentators outside Sweden have recently argued that the Swedish social model – built upon a large welfare state and heavily regulated labour markets – is an ideal that other societies should follow.

In this article Johan Wennstrom, a writer for the Swedish pro-market organisation Captus, explodes this myth by showing that Sweden is a country crippled by high unemployment, low productivity and commercial stagnation.

2005, Current Controversies 22

For more on comparative analysis of labour market regulation, see the September 2005 edition of Economic Affairs on The Economics of Employment Regulation .

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