Regulating Utilities: a New Era?


Energy and Environment

Below is the draft of a lecture given on Tuesday 23rd November 1999 as part of the IEA's Regulation Lecture series organised by the late Michael Beesley of the London Business School. This is reproduced with the kind permission of Catherine Waddams Price.

This is the 1999 edition of the annual volume on utility regulators published jointly by the IEA and the London Business School and containing detailed discussions of regulation in the industries concerned by experts on those industries and comments by the regulators themselves. Contents:

1. EU Jurisprudence and the Competition Act by Stephen Sayer. Comments by John Bridgeman.
2. MMC: Retrospect and Prospect by George Yarrow. Comments by Derek Morris.
3. After the Regulatory Review by Colin Robinson. Comments by Sir Bryan Carsberg.
4. Airport Regulation by M E Beesley. Comments by Rt Hon Sir Christopher Chataway.
5. Telecommunications: Costs, Accounts and interconnection by Peter Gist. Comments by Alan Bell.
6. Gas: Pricing for Interconnectors and Bypass by Nigel Evans. Comments by Clare Spottiswoode.
7. Integrated Transport: A Future for Rail? by Stephen Glaister. Comments by John Swift
8. Water: Maintaining RPI-x incentives by Geoffrey Whittington. Comments by Ian Byatt

1999, Readings 49, ISBN 0 255 36427X, 248pp, PB