Economic Freedom of the World: 2000 Annual Report


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Building on previous volumes, Economic Freedom of the World 2000, is the most objective and accurate measure of economic freedom published to date by any organisation. Presenting up-to-date figures and historical data going back to 1970, this edition is the most comprehensive available of the subject.

Economic Freedom of the World 2000 constructs an indicator of economic freedom for the nations of the world by rating a variety of institutional arrangements and economic policies in seven major areas. These results are then combined in a summary index with the following results. Hong Kong and Singapore share the top rating with an economic freedom rating of 9.4 on a scale of 10. New Zealand, the United States and the United Kingdom are next on the list; these were the five freest economies in the world.

As well as the various tables, the book contains 65 country profiles. These reports compiled by researchers around the globe, present a bar chart with the country’s summary economic-freedom rating, a bar chart of government expenditure and a written commentary on the country’s economic freedom performance and prospects.

One of the most compelling results of the study is the relationship between economic freedom and prosperity, with those countries with the least free economies suffering diminished prosperity and life expectancy.

“Quite apart from the best attempt yet to define and measure economic freedom, the study also produces powerful evidence in support of the case that government intervention hinders economic progress.”

The Economist

1999, ISBN 978 0889752023, 245pp, PB