International Aid and Integral Human Development



A look at how cutting non-means-tested benefits and reforming state pensions could save £16bn a year


How our current system of high and complicated taxes are damaging economic growth

Christian Social Thought Series

Christians in wealthy nations have an obligation to assist those who struggle to subsist in developing economies. The critical question remains: How is this duty best discharged? Conventionally, church leaders have often recommended government-to-government aid transfers as a major strategy to promote development in poor nations. Philip Booth, relying on the principles of Catholic social teaching and the evidence of development economics, argues that this strategy has been in large measure a failure. Booth draws attention to the indispensable conditions for economic development, urges us to reconsider our approach to international aid in light of this evidence, and reminds us that material welfare is only one dimension of integral human development.

2011, Published by the Acton Institute, ISSN 1-880595-35-4, 67pp